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I'm a freelance Graphic Artist born in India and currently living in New Jersey, USA. I'm extremely passionate about art and believe that it is the quintessential essence of human life.

I also believe that art is one of the best ways to express human minds and the most powerful mode of communication. I love to dabble with the variegated aspects of life and fuse them to create a potpourri of art, illustrations & designs in current trends.

I have a superlative eye for details, love to learn and improvise from my past experiences with critical reviews. Mother nature and the people around me have always served to be the greatest inspirations for my art and design works.

Archana Aravind

about ME...


What My Clients Say

"Have to say, she is very professional in her work and undoubtedly a person you can look forward to working with. I have worked with and known her for over 9 yrs now and I can't find a better person to collaborate with. Anyone looking for professional/personal designs & artworks has got to work with her. She is definitely the best!"

~ Karan Kapoor

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